Bristol and Chester Concerts

There were 25 boys present in the concert namely:
Cassius, James M, Sere Akpobome, Henry, Kavana, Luke, Ralph, Stefan, Alex, Tiarnan, Sam, Josh, Jonathan, Liam, Jakob, Ben, Sammy, Mine Akpobome, Daniel, Carlos, Matthew RA, Dylan Duffy (?),  Matthew J, Barney Lindsell (?) and Freddie.

And the song line up are as follows:
Adoramus/Libera (solos: Stefan Leadbeater and Luke Collins)
Speech by Freddie Ingles
Time (solos: Josh Madine with Ralph Skan, Alex Leggett & Daniel Fontannaz; Ben Philipp; Jakob De Menezes-Wood)
Sanctus (ending solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
Sanctissima (solo: Ralph Skan)
Eternal Light (solo: Stefan Leadbeater with Ralph Skan & Daniel Fontannaz)
Speech by Kavana Crossley
Ave Verum (solo: Carlos Rodriguez with Jakob De Menezes-Wood & Matthew Rangel-Alvarez)
Far Away (solos: Ralph Skan with Kavana Crossley)
Salva Me (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
Speech by Ben Philipp
Exultate (solo: Stefan Leadbeater with Ben Philipp)


Mysterium (solos: Ralph Skan and Stefan Leadbeater)
Gloria (with Daniel Fontannaz on high parts)
Speech by Freddie Ingles
The Fountain (solo: Ralph Skan)
How Can I Keep From Singing (solo: Sammy Moriarty)
When A Knight Won His Spurs (solo: Ralph Skan)
Love And Mercy (solos: James Mordaunt and Freddie Ingles)
Speech by Josh Madine
Deep Peace (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
Stay With Me (solo: Daniel Fontannaz with Ralph Skan & Matthew Rangel-Alvares)
Going Home (solos: James Mordaunt, Daniel Fontannaz with Jakob De Menezes-Wood, Ralph Skan and Luke Collins)
Speech by Cassius O'Connell-White
How Shall I Sing That Majesty? (solos: Jakob De Menezes-Wood and Stefan Leadbeater)

Encore: Libera (solos: Stefan Leadbeater and Jakob De Menezes-Wood with Ralph Skan)

Unfortunately, James Threadgill wasn't around. Flynn Marks and Alfie Smart weren't at the concert as well so there are speculations that they might have left the choir already (or at least left the touring choir). But for Tom Cully fans, it has been confirmed that Tom was there on both concert probably as a technician or something. There were no meet and greets at the concert though a short "photo session" was held after the Bristol concert. CD's and DVD's were also sold at the venue.

Libera also posted some photos from the concert on their BLOG but I also posted it here just in case. ;)

Ps. Thank you so much to Patrick and Bullehynka from the Libera Passion and to Dani, Danie and Yorkie of Libera Dreams. :)


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