Spring Tour Update 4

April is coming near and we're all getting excited. I'm sure a lot of fans are trying to find updates about their upcoming tour and I found something through Inna's Blog. Thanks Inna! :)

First off is Japan Promo Video:

OMG! They're sooo adorable. How could you say no to them? hahahaha If only I could go to all their concerts I would. hahahah I wonder what their new costume looks like? LOL! (hahahaha Mini Ben!) Josh is really good looking, no wonder there are a lot of fans screaming for him. Lol! :)

Next is the line up for their Korean Tour:

Ave Verum
Far Away 
Salva Me
Agnus Dei 

Orinoco Flow
The Fountain
How Can I Keep From Singing
When A Knight Won His Spurs
Love And Mercy
Stay With Me
Deep Peace
How Shall I Sing That Majesty

OMG! What a line up! I know we're all excited to hear the 6 songs from their peace album but you know what I'm excited about? I reeeaaaaalllly want to hear MYSTERIUM, AVE VERUM and AGNUS DEI!!!!! hahahahaha Okay, I'm just a huge fan of those 3 songs, actually, you could say Mysterium is my 3rd favorite Libera song of all time after Voca Me and Always With You. hahahaha Anyhoo, I hope we can read lots of updates regarding Libera's concert in Japan and Korea, cause I know you'll hear a lot from Philippines. (ehem!) hahahaha 

PS. Anyone noticed that I Am The Day was cut?


Anonymous said...

i did! i really hope they'd sing it here in the Philippines. that's one song i definitely have to hear live!

Chix said...

I think they won't be singing it here. :C

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