My Libera Concert Experience [Part 3]

After the concert, I was expecting a meet and greet with the boys. I have loads of things in my mind that I wanted to tell, and most of all, I was excited to give them the postcards that I made. I mean, it wasn’t much and the drawings aren’t that good since I only did it for less than an hour. But I really did my best and I think they would appreciate it.. Unfortunately, no meet and greet session that time. But we still waited and hoped that they would pass by us on their way out of the hotel. 

I saw Big Ben and asked for his autograph. I was about to ask him to have his picture taken with me but a group of girls came and I missed my chance. (Well, it’s okay, I did have a good long picture taking with him during the Manila Meet and Greet.) Then Sam Coates came and I approached him too. I asked him to have my cd signed in which he replied “okay, but we have to do it really quick’ and smiled. As I know he was busy at that time, I didn’t bother to ask him anything but much to my surprise he was the one who started the conversation with me. He asked me if I enjoyed the concert to which I replied of course. Hahaha When I told him that we were from Manila, he had this confused look at his face, so I did explained to him what happened. Our conversation lasted about 5minutes which is far from what I expected but since I was so distracted because of his eyes, I didn’t even ask him to have a picture with him. And my sister who was just right beside me was also nervous and all her shot were blurry except for one in which Sam is not looking at us. Boohoo! 

Later on, one of their security guards remembered us from the Manila meet and greet and was amazed because we traveled to Cebu just to watch them. He then told us that the boys would be taking a different route in going out of the hotel. I was already feeling disappointed that we couldn’t meet them again. But then the security guard went inside the “Libera” room and came back with one of their assistants. She approached me and asked me for my gift. She told us that the boys wouldn’t be able to get them personally but she would be gladly delivered it to them. She also asked for our names and told us that she would try if she could get an autograph for us. But after minutes of waiting she didn’t came back so I guess that’s it. Though I didn’t give it to them personally I was still glad that someone within their management got them. the security guard asked us to form a straight line as we wait for the Libera, but after a few minutes we realized that they weren’t really going to pass by us so we decided to go home. I have no idea whether they did go out after we left or if the assistant came back with the autograph.

The next day, my sister and I convinced our father to drive us to Shangri-La Mactan were the boys were staying. It was an hour and a half ride from the place where we stayed but we still traveled all the way there. The security was so strict that we only could stay on the lobby area and my father didn’t want to go somewhere else so we didn’t stay there for long. When we were about to go home already I saw Mr. Prizeman and Mrs. Barbara with their luggage. We plead to stay a little longer but I guess it didn’t work. Dad, if we have stayed even for 5 minutes I could have saw them again. I blame you for not being able to say goodbye. To make up for that, promise me we’ll watch front row if ever they come back to the Philippines again… hehehe

Anyhoo, here’s Libera’s version of Bayan Ko from their concert in Philippines.

Credit: OfficialLibera Youtube


thelma l. guzman said...

chix,although we made tsika about your experience already, it's still a joy reading your blog..and thank you for the song line up which i was asking from romina. guess she's still busy to do her blog..

haaays, i envy you kids, you were there during the meet and greet, had a good seat at their concerts and had photographs with them (which you kindly shared with me)..

riel sacop said...

waaa chix you are soo lucky.., you had a chance to talk to sam coates.. haha crush ko yun.. lol.. waaa..

good work on the review.. the details were so helpful in picturing the concert at cebu.. waaa.. next time they get back here, we'll be the first in line in buying front row tickets LOL!!!

hellotomcully said...

You like him? I have a picture of him but he's not looking at me. hahaha My sister panicked while I was asking for his autograph. hahaha

You we should! I really hope they comeback here. And we're definitely gonna seat on the first row! hahaha :)

celine pelicano said...

wow,i love your blog,hahaha,lucky u!!:))and kucky your in manila,cuz of their concert there..im in cebu,i cant go to manila:((
awesome blog!!:))
God Bless!!!<3

Chix said...

Thank you Celine. Don't worry, I think they'll come back to Cebu again. :)

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