Peace Summer Philippine Tour 4

On behalf of Libera and of the tour organizers of their Philippines,  we would like to thank all of those who have purchased tickets to see the boys perform.  

The venue is small and all of the the seats closer to the stage than those at the October concerts last year giving you a more intimate experience of the boys angelic voices no matter where in the venue you will be seated.   Those attending the performances will have an opportunity to meet the boys after each show.
We encourage you to help spread the news of where the tickets are available. 

We would also like to remind everyone that the boys will conduct a "meet and greet" and sign autographs at the Podium at around four-thirty on 14 April 2010.  The mechanics of the meet and greet will be similar to those last October.  Copies of Libera's albums "Eternal", "New Dawn (Philippine Release)  and "Peace will be available for purchase at the event.   Tickets to the performances if still available,  will be sold at the meet and greet.  We encourage everyone to join in displaying the world-renowned Filipino hospitality and make each and every one of the boys feel the strength and sincerity of our support.  

We also encourage everyone to buy copies of "Eternal", "New Dawn (Philippine Release)  and "Peace" either for your own collection or as gifts to others that may appreciate Libera.  Whether you enjoy the music yourself or would like to share the experience with others,  your purchase will help Libera and may make supporters out of listeners when you spread the gift of their music.  
See you all on the 14th and the 16th... 

From Libera360.


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